Monday, April 12, 2010

Random Monday Thoughts

1. If I had to make a guess as to who the most consistent player in the Cubs bullpen would be, my first guess wouldn't be Carlos Marmol. Not complaining, just saying...

2. I sure miss playing video games. The minute I only have one job, I'm all over that shit.

3. Another thing I miss? Reading leisurely. You could give me my favorite book and I'd be in Heaven; tell me I have to read three chapters a day and I'll kick and scream until I lose my voice.

4. The New (and last) Little Brother album = pretty decent. Not on par with the Minstrel Show or even Getback, but it's definitely worth the purchase and/or listen.

5. Phil Mickelson, if he hasn't already, catapulted himself into top 10 golfers of all time with his Masters win over the weekend.

6. With the NFL draft fast approaching, I wonder exactly how the Redskins' acquisition of Donovan McNabb will effect everything. My prediction? Jimmy Klaussen is snatched up by the Raiders, and his brash cockiness effectively forces Jamarcus Russel to void his own contract, surrendering millions back to the Oakland Raiders. In an interview, Russell states that he felt it was only right to give back money that he stole.

7. Maybe it's because my beloved Sixers suck a massive chunk of ass, but it doesn't quite feel like the NBA playoffs are around the corner; but for the fun of it, here's my finals prediction: Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Phoenix Suns (You read that right folks), in 5 games.

Listen, it's 75 degrees out. Therefore 7 seems like a good number to stop on. A more concise and relevant post to follow in the next day or so (hopefully!).

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