Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Raiders Leaders in Efforts to Acquire Mcnabb

Let me just say, while most Raiders fans may believe that this is the right move to make, I do not.

Unless of course we can convince one of top 5 QB's in the league to sign an extension with literally the worst team of the last 8 years, this move is just another sad attempt to rejuvenate a team while effectively OVERspending (One of Al Davis' trademark moves in the past 20 years).

The problem lies in McNabb's outlandish contract that has scared off pretty much every other team in the market for the Eagles' QB, and rightfully so. Due a roster bonus and a large annual salary, The Raiders would have to lock him up with at least a 2-3 year extension in order for this deal to make any sense whatsoever.

Yes, McNabb could bring the kind of winning attitude to one of the saddest and most dysfunctional teams. Yes, he could potentially make this team a playoff contender in a shaky AFC West; however this trade is just a quick fix. Al Davis falls in love with veteran QBS (see: Rich Gannon) and while they are more than competent and able to lead a team better than Jamarcus Russell, there is also a very energetic Bruce Gradkowski who won over the locker room last year.

True, Russell has so far been nothing but arguably the biggest draft bust of all time. However, the kid is still very young and has a remote chance of becoming something in the NFL. If he needs more time, let him sit on the bench a little while longer and watch Gradkowski. Obviously McNabb is a more ideal QB than Gradkowski, but if the idea is to teach Russell, Gradkowski could get the job done, and much much cheaper.

So far, no deal is even in place, but all the pieces are there. Let's just hope for the sake of the Raiders, they are able to realize that an extension is necessary in order to make anything out of this.

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